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Caldwell Residents Trust CoolVu for Superior Window Film Installations Enhancing Privacy and Comfort

June 14, 2023

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Caldwell, Idaho, is frequently named one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It boasts new retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, quality schools, and access to numerous outdoor activities. For many, it's the perfect place to be.

Interior View and Exterior View of Window Film Installed in Home in Boise
A recent customer, Amber R., loved her house in Caldwell. She knew she'd found her "forever home" for her family and wanted to ensure it was comfortable and private, which meant controlling the heat and sunlight that entered her space throughout the day.

Several friends suggested CoolVu and said their window films could help in numerous ways, including protecting the interior from damaging UV rays, reducing glare, and regulating heat indoors. In addition to those benefits, the company carried films designed to add privacy as well.

Intrigued, Amber searched Google and learned all she could about the advantages of window films and took her friends' advice of calling up CoolVu of Boise to find a solution for her home. She spoke to one of their representatives, explaining what she wanted to accomplish. The representative set an appointment for a technician to visit Amber to discuss her needs.

A technician named Quinn showed up for the free in-home consultation on the scheduled day. He and Amber toured the home, and she pointed out the windows she wanted to address. Quinn listened and gave a few recommendations, and they sat down in the kitchen to put together an installation plan because several areas needed attention.

Comparison of Two Windows With and Without Window Film
They discussed the office at the front of the house where Amber frequently worked. The glare entering the room made it difficult to accomplish anything she said. Since the window was arched, Quinn suggested a matte frost film for the top panes because they would diffuse the sunlight into the room, reducing the glare significantly.

Amber wanted natural light in the room, so she told Quinn she'd wait and see if the frosted film on the top window was enough before she decided to put any kind of tint on the lower windows. However, Amber's next concern was privacy in the kitchen and living room.

Anyone looking at the front door could see her family, whether in the living room or the kitchen. Quinn told her he could put frosted films on the front door to obscure the view into the home. The final two areas Amber showed him were the master bedroom and an additional room that doubled as an office upstairs. Like the office downstairs, glare was also a problem.

Quinn discussed and explained the products he had in mind. Most of Amber's home would get CoolVu Black 20 solar window film, which would effectively block 80% of the UV rays through the glass, minimizing glare and heat. He told her this would also lower her energy costs, particularly through the summer, which she was pleased to hear.

He suggested using frosted window films for the windows where privacy was a concern for Amber. He explained that they provided UV-blocking benefits, glare reduction, and concealment from those looking in without blocking natural light.

Happy with the technician's suggestions, Amber scheduled an appointment for him to return to do the work. Two days later, Quinn arrived on time, ready to go. He began with the front door, then moved to the living room to apply the frosted matte film on the top portion of the arched windows.

Quinn went to the second floor and applied CoolVu's Black 20 solar films to the master bedroom windows. Before starting work on any part of the house, he cleaned the windows to ensure the adhesive had an optimal surface to adhere to.

Amber asked about cleaning the windows once the films were installed. Quinn told her that non-abrasive pads and gentle cleaners would be adequate enough and not cause damage and that the adhesive he used was meant to keep the films in place for years.

The last room in the home Quinn tackled was the upstairs bedroom. He applied solar window films to the sliding windows and a top oblong-shaped window. Just like the other windows he worked on, he carefully cut and fit the films precisely to each glass pane to ensure the installation was seamless.

When the project was finished, Amber walked through the home with Quinn to see the results. She couldn't believe the change, from the reduced glare to the noticeable difference in heat intensity. She was also impressed with the frosted privacy films and knew they would make a difference in the family's privacy.

Amber said that she couldn't wait to show the results to her family and friends and would recommend CoolVu of Boise to anybody who wanted the same for their home.

Take Control of Your Comfort and Privacy With CoolVu Window Films

Whether you're looking for frosted films for privacy or solar window films to beat the heat, CoolVu can help. As a leader in providing glass and surface film solutions, we deliver comfort, security, and savings for your home or business.

We offer a FREE in-person consultation where our technicians will inspect your home and help you find the perfect solution. We're so confident in our products and services that we offer a lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty on everything we do.

Call CoolVu of Boise today at (208) 340-1125 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule your free consultation today.

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