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Boise Advertising Agency Turns to CoolVu's Frosted Window Films for Office Privacy

May 13, 2023

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Boise, Idaho, is known for being a great place for anyone who loves outdoor recreation. Its parks, rivers, mountains, and lakes offer many ways to enjoy nature.

But if you think Boise is all about country living, think again.

Boise sits on the border between rural and urban dwelling. The downtown area boasts many established businesses and new construction, including food, entertainment, and shopping. It's also quickly becoming a hub for tech companies and young guns ready to take on the world. These new startups are ready to make Boise the new Silicon Valley.

Recently, a new advertising agency opened, ready to provide services to the many businesses near Boise. The company officials wanted to add privacy to the offices and design departments. The manager, Gil Johnson, was tasked with finding a company that could offer a solution the agency was looking for.

Gil found CoolVu of Boise on Yelp and read that they provided innovative window films, graphics, and architectural surface finishes for residential and commercial customers throughout the area. He searched on Google and found the CoolVu of Boise website, where he saw they had a range of products and services, including privacy window films and decorative window films.

Gil discovered they offered a free in-person consultation, so he called and spoke with a representative, who scheduled a date for a CoolVu installer to visit the office.

A technician named Quinn arrived on the day of the appointment and was immediately taken on a tour of the building by Gil, who explained that they wanted to give the writers and design team privacy to brainstorm and create without being distracted by others.

Glass Office Windows With Frosted Privacy Film Obscuring the Interior View of the Office From Outside
Quinn understood the concern and told Gil they had many privacy window film options. He explained that frosted privacy films worked best and came in various styles. He showed Gil samples, and he settled on floating opaque frost bands. This style of frosted privacy film covers most of the windows' middle section, not the whole thing. It was a simple but effective pattern, and Gil loved the idea.

He scheduled a date for Quinn to return to do the work. Quinn arrived on time and immediately began to prepare the area for what needed to be done without disrupting the office activity.

After cleaning the windows, Quinn cut and fit the frosted window film to the glass using an adhesive to ensure they were secure, applying each film with precision.

Gil stopped by about halfway through the job and complimented Quinn on his work, stating how happy he was with the chosen product. He liked that the light-diffusing film softened the overall light coming from the hallway and obscured the view of those inside the office without completely blocking it.

He told Quinn he was amazed by how the window films cut down on the glare of the lights, making it easier to see the computer monitors the team relied on for doing their job.

When Quinn finished the installation, Gil told him he was impressed with the results and said he'd recommend CoolVu to his family, friends, or other business owners.

Several days later, after hearing feedback from colleagues regarding their appreciation of their newfound privacy, Gil called CoolVu of Boise and spoke to Quinn to thank him again and verify instructions for maintaining the window films.

Quinn told him wiping the windows down with a microfiber rag and a non-abrasive cleaner would sufficiently do the job, ensuring Gil that the adhesive would still be in place during a gentle cleaning. He reminded Gil of the 15-year commercial warranty and told him to call back if anything were to happen.

If you are searching for commercial or residential window film installation, CoolVu has what you're looking for. From frosted window films for privacy and ceramic window films for UV protection to security window films and window or wall graphics, CoolVu has the best service and selection you'll find anywhere.

Call CoolVu of Boise at (208) 340-1125 to schedule a FREE in-person consultation to find out how we can provide you with privacy, comfort, security, and architectural design today! You can also fill out the form on our contact page.

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