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Meridian Home Calls CoolVu To Add Privacy and Heat and Glare Control to Patio Lounge

July 16, 2023

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Janet L. was upgrading her family's home in Meridian, Idaho. She was building a patio lounge in her backyard. However, her house sat next to a middle school, and since it was so close, Janet was concerned about her privacy and wanted to find a way to address that.

Interior and Exterior View of Home with Window Film
She also needed to handle privacy issues in the front of her house, particularly in her living room, bedroom, and office area. On top of that, the sun that came through Janet's kitchen windows made it difficult for the family to enjoy their meals.

Janet considered blinds or curtains but didn't like how they looked, nor did she want to obstruct her windows' views or adjust her decor to accommodate them.

A family friend told her about window films, which sounded like a great solution. So Janet went online and researched local window film companies and found CoolVu of Boise. She called the company and spoke to a CoolVu representative, who quickly scheduled a free in-home consultation.

Before and After of Window Film in Meridian, Idaho
A technician named Quinn arrived for the consultation to address Janet's concerns. He followed her through the home as she pointed out the problematic windows in her space. He understood that her big concern was privacy because of the nearby school, and she also mentioned that excessive heat and glare from specific windows were also an issue.

Quinn suggested CoolVu Black 20, a dark, non-reflective solar window film that would give her all-day privacy. He explained that this solar window film would prevent sun glare by 90%, reduce heat gain by 80%, and block UV rays by 99%. Quinn stated that she would experience better heat control, lower energy costs, glare reduction, and the privacy she wanted.

Happy with Quinn's suggestions, Janet scheduled a date for him to return to do the job. Quinn showed up on the day of the installation and was ready to begin. He asked Janet if she had any questions and gave her a brief rundown of how he would proceed.

Room with Window Film vs. Room Without Window Film
Quinn was professional and precise in laying out the work areas. He started in the back of the house, cutting and fitting the smoky window films with an adhesive to keep them in place. Quinn explained to Janet that once the glue was set, it would ensure the window films wouldn't come off. When Janet asked about cleaning the windows, he recommended using gentle cleaners and a soft cloth. The important thing was to avoid using any kind of abrasive cleaning products.

At the end of the day, after Quinn finished cleaning up, Janet walked through the house to see the results. She was so happy to see and feel the difference in her home. The solar window films looked aesthetically pleasing and were dark enough to ensure nobody could see into the home.

The temperature in the home was noticeably cooler, and the kitchen, where the harsh sunlight made it impossible to eat peacefully, was now non-existent.

When Janet's husband and kids saw the results later, they were excited and couldn't believe the drastic change in comfort and appearance.

Janet thanked Quinn for an exceptional job and promised to recommend CoolVu of Boise to all her friends. She already knew two couples with similar problems and was sure CoolVu could help so stay tuned!

CoolVu Van Outside of Customers Home

Let CoolVu Bring You Comfort and Privacy With Style

CoolVu is the leader in providing glass and surface film solutions. Whether you're looking for privacy, UV ray protection, heat control, or glare reduction, our selection of window films can provide the perfect solution. We have something to fit any need and budget, and because we're so confident in our products and services, we offer a lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty.

We provide FREE in-person consultations. One of our technicians will come out and discuss your needs, show samples, and give you a quote. We also offer custom window and wall graphics. So spruce up your space and elevate your home or business with designs that let your personality shine.

If you want to find out how we can help you experience comfort, privacy, and savings, call CoolVu of Boise at (208) 340-1125 to schedule your in-person consultation today!

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