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Boise Homeowner Contacts CoolVu for Comfort and UV Protection Without Sacrificing Visibility

July 05, 2023

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Marc L., a Boise resident, loved his home but had several concerns. The main one was his home office, which got too much sun for the better part of the day, making it difficult for him to get anything done due to the glare and the excessive heat in the room.

Indoor Outdoor Comparison of CoolVu Solar Window Films Showing Darker Tint on Finished Window
Marc was also an avid gamer and worried about his expensive gaming computer overheating in these conditions. His room also housed his extensive collection of cameras, which he feared would be damaged by the constant UV assault they were under. Marc tried curtains, but they blocked too much light, and he didn't like them aesthetically.

Another room in the house that gave him cause for alarm was where his two-year-old grandson napped when he was visiting. He had blinds in the room but noticed they didn't keep all the sunlight out. Even the little bit of light seeping through the cracks in the blind made the room too bright.

He went online and searched Google for some ideas. Marc found out that window films were popular for stylishly adding comfort, privacy, and UV protection to a home. In a search for local window film installers, he found CoolVu of Boise in the top results.

Marc called and spoke to a CoolVu representative, who scheduled him for a free in-person consultation to discuss what he needed to accomplish in his home.

A technician named Quinn showed up the following day and walked with Marc throughout the home to look at the two rooms the homeowner wanted to address, his office and his grandson's room.

Quinn took a moment to admire Marc's camera collection, which Marc enjoyed talking about, then they discussed his concerns. Quinn understood why he wanted to protect his vintage camera gear and agreed that keeping the gaming computer cool was smart.

The technician suggested CoolVu DarkVu 10 solar window film and showed Marc samples of the product. He explained that it was CoolVu's highest-quality film, offering maximum UV, infrared, and glare protection while allowing great clarity. The number 10 designation indicates that the film only allows 10% of the visible light while blocking out 90%.

Side by Windows: One Dark With Solar Film, One Lighter Without the Window Film
Marc was happy to hear the assessment and was confident he was perfect for the job. The owner scheduled an appointment with Quinn to have him return for the installation.

Quinn arrived on time and started in the office, cutting and fitting the solar window films precisely onto the glass panes and then applying an adhesive to ensure the tints stayed in place permanently. When Marc asked about cleaning his windows, Quinn explained that they could be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth or sponge, assuring him the film's adhesive wouldn't be affected.

Quinn moved to Marc's grandson's room, removed the blinds, and cleaned each window before seamlessly applying the solar window films. Marc was happy to see the difference in reduced glare and knew it was going to make a change in the way his grandson slept.

They walked through the house after the job was complete so Marc could see the results. He was beyond amazed. He could tell his computer was running cooler. The fan inside the PC, which ran constantly, was turning on and off normally.

The room felt several degrees cooler, and the glare that was always on his computer screen was no longer present. Marc's air conditioning unit was getting a break because it wasn't running continually. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard it shut off.

Marc was most impressed with his grandson's room. The light coming into the room was almost non-existent without being eliminated, and the overall temperature was comfortable. He was sure his grandson would have no trouble at all during naptime.

Marc thanked Quinn for a job well done and said he would happily recommend CoolVu of Boise to his friends and family, as the changes in his home were noticeable and undeniable.

CoolVu for Comfort and UV Protection

Whether you're looking for UV protection for your valuables, glare reduction, heat control, privacy, or security, CoolVu has a window film to meet your needs and budget. With our FREE in-person consultation, a technician will visit you on-site and provide impressive product samples and expert recommendations. Once your choice is made, we can complete an installation in a matter of days.

We're so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty on our work. No matter what you need to make your home or business more comfortable or secure, we can help.

Call CoolVu of Boise at (208) 340-1125 or fill out the form on our contact page to schedule a FREE in-person consultation today.

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