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CoolVu Boosts Security and Enhances Appearance of the Air National Guard Recruiting Office in Meridian, ID

April 15, 2023

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When the Air National Guard Recruiting Office relocated to Meridian, Idaho, in 2022, one of the requirements for the newly constructed building was that the windows had to be shatter-resistant.

Security Window Film for Air National Guard
To meet the government's blast-resistant standards for facilities, they needed security window films to reinforce the glass for the safety of those inside. And because they were moving into a new place, they wanted to personalize their windows with custom Air Force-themed graphics.

Dave Myers, the general contractor in charge of construction, contacted CoolVu of Boise. Having been in the contracting business for decades, Dave was familiar with window films. He knew CoolVu was a leader in the glass and surface films industry and was happy to learn they could handle the security films and window graphics. Dave was under a tight deadline, and so a CoolVu representative scheduled a free in-person consultation for him the next day.

A technician named Quinn arrived for the assessment and met up with Dave. They walked through the location and discussed the project. Dave emphasized the client's specifications and their need for safety and security measures to protect the windows in the event that they break from external forces or extreme weather. He said employee safety was a primary concern, as well as the public's safety.

After seeing the building and listening to Dave, Quinn suggested using a Dow 995 wet glaze attachment with an 8 mil-thick clear security film for the windows. He explained that the wet glaze attachment would provide a 25 to 30 percent boost in reinforcing the structural integrity of the glass and security film.

Interior and Exterior View with CoolVu Window Graphics and Security Film
Dave mentioned the window graphics next. Quinn suggested perforated window film, which would give the building a great aesthetic and add privacy by allowing those inside to see out while blocking the view into the facility. Quinn said he would install the security films and the wet glaze attachment first, give it a week to cure, and then return to apply the perforated vinyl film graphics.

Satisfied with his recommendations, Dave worked with Quinn to coordinate an installation date to minimize disruption to the flow of on-site activity since the office was under construction.

Quinn showed up on time and started cleaning the windows before applying the security films. He measured and cut each film to fit the glass panes and then utilized the wet glaze attachment. The windows were residential-style with thinner frames, allowing only a inch of wet glaze, which Quinn carefully applied to create a smooth, even application that was both functional and pleasing to the eye.

Since the wet glaze was a crucial part of the installation and needed to be cured, Quinn returned a week later to install the perforated window film using graphics the Air National Guard had supplied.

Dave complimented Quinn on his work and was sure the personnel at the Air National Guard Recruiting Office would be satisfied. When the recruitment center opened, a senior airman called CoolVu of Boise and thanked them for their amazing job. He said the windows looked flawless, and employees couldn't even tell there were films installed.

If you own a business or you're a homeowner looking for security and privacy, window or wall graphics, or elevated comfort levels and energy efficiency, CoolVu can help. We have the perfect solution for all your glass and surface film needs. With our lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranties, you'll feel confident knowing you're making the right decision.

To schedule a FREE in-person consultation, call CoolVu of Boise at (208) 340-1125 or fill out the form on our contact page today!

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