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Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic Window Film

CoolVu's Ceramic window films can block up to 50% of the sun's heat, helping views clear and interiors cooler and more comfortable.

Ceramic Window Film for Solar Control

Non-transitioning, CoolVu offers customers both single and dual-layer ceramic window film choices.

For maximum heat blocking, CoolVu's "TiN" dual-layer ceramic window film series is constructed with two layers of titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic nanoparticles, creating the richest looking and highest performing ceramic window film in the world.

CoolVu's Signature Ceramic window film utilizes a single layer of ceramic nanoparticles designed for home and building glass in need of clear viewing, 99% UV blocking, and impressive sun glare blocking.

Powerful Solar Heat Rejection + UV Blocking Window Film

Manufactured in the US, CoolVu's proprietary process utilizes the highest quality base materials available. CoolVu "TiN" and Signature Ceramic window films ensure that customers enjoy the clearest possible views through glass with the lowest interior and exterior reflection while experiencing impressive solar heat and UV block.
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Our Benefits

  • Non-transitioning Film Technology

  • Single or Dual Layer Ceramic Construction

  • Highest Heat Control (TiN)

  • Maximum Visual Clarity

  • 99.9% UV Block

Our Recent Reviews

Rating 5
Renee O - , May 31, 2023

Great product. They came to our trailer park while we were on vacation and did all the windows in our travel trailer. What a difference in temperature with the windows tinted. Great customer service.

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