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With a revolutionary peel and stick installation, you can turn any surface into an erasable whiteboard.

Repurpose entire walls into whiteboards.

Transforming a simple wall surface, a divider panel, a glass panel wall into a whiteboard or a projection screen is now possible from CoolVu. These flexible, innovative sticky whiteboards can transform any collaboration area, from boardrooms to sales meetings, schools to universities, whatever the glass or wall size.

Turn glass into projectable whiteboards.

Whiteboard film is a unique glass film with a writable and erasable surface that can be used to convert interior glass surfaces into creative, collaborative environments. Project lesson plans and presentations without the hassle of rolling traditional down screens. Whiteboard films have excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, solvents, and wear. They are easily erasable and washable with commonly used detergents.
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Our Benefits

  • Self-adhesive film is clean and easy

  • Erasable with common cleaners

  • Projectable

  • Available with a magnetic backing

  • Gloss and matte finishes

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Renee O - , May 31, 2023

Great product. They came to our trailer park while we were on vacation and did all the windows in our travel trailer. What a difference in temperature with the windows tinted. Great customer service.

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